and again for so many teachers today – the task was clear it was that children are provided with programs So we gave them to the number of issues, from transactions, grammar, conjugation, spelling.. , vocabulary … required for swallowing pr ograms a maximum of students. And this, in full ecrivance, that is to say, outside the children, with no trace of their personality may appear. On the contrary, it was necessary to keep carefully.

He had to learn to regurgitate all the cliches: the enamelled meadow of daisies, the river that winds through the meadows, the curtain of poplars which reveals, primroses on the reverse slope, the trills of the nightingale … A well-oiled and liturgy the masters themselves trying to be irreproachable officials in gray blouse, serious, balanced, fair, serene. Generally, they cared little to “become” the child.

No, they took it as it was, as life had. It is often judged on what it was, with little regard to the advance. It noted that “his” French was worth 4/10. That’s it, there was. It is true that 40 students could hardly do otherwise.

But the thriving industry needed a maximum of adequately trained workers to what was expected of them. So we were working programs.. “A train leaves at 8 am Paris 47 He goes to Brest (at 655km) at the speed of 110 km per hour A train from Brest to 9h24- It rolls on speed of 90 km per hour. when and where do they intersect? “a trader buys a wine barrel in 2281. It contains 5% binds.

How can he sell 75cl bottles 1 liter F 25 “…” dog: common noun, masculine, singular, about barks. a shepherd, a shepherd, a baker, a baker … hairdresser, a hairdresser, a thief, a thief … How much have we done these exercises! And the day of the exam, barely had we written, train or merchant that already began to dance before our eyes two or three programs that would be suitable in the circumstances.

It was a well-oiled machine. We looked at the instructions on the dispenser. Good! We pressed a button … trictractric … tractrictrac …. we had the bag of cookies.

Solving an equation: x 2 – 4 = O Trictractric: (x + 2) (x-2) = O Tractrictrac: x = 2 or x = -2. Thus we returned to the Normal School. Everyone accepted this system. Even Freinet. “I still think that in fact we are never bothered by the programs, but only by the exams.” (Letter of 4-3-64.) Also is what he wrote in a circular letter, the 5-3 -62: “the Bohec complains in do my homework
his class of 28 students charged this is the perfect class And all he said about it seems to us therefore as the wrong Solvable problems with 25, 28 students… are not always 35, 40 pupils this is obvious, but 28 the ideal class Yes, for programs, however, he complained all the same..! “I agree with you as regards the imbecility of the CPCE tests. . “(Letter of 15-6- 59) Obviously Freinet was time he found himself placed at a pivotal time.

Its time, the school was the only place of information, No radio, television, books, newspapers … There was at school we could receive information, and we even learned by heart! But towards the end of his life, the serious things began to change. Today, everything has changed.

Now, [the school, you must learn to deal with an overflowing information, that is to say, to always be able to get the best out in his interest or the group Gennes Gilles said,. “in the past, the school was predominantly rural and returning it to communicate the taste of abstraction … the situation is reversed today, he would give meaning and the taste of concrete. “Freinet, its time? Yes! But we must believe that he is also ours because his ideas continue to spread to the globe.

The child is a person This is due to their universality. They remain true without any contingency. he had this amazingly original idea in education, he also had to worry about the person of the learner. Everything would have been so simple otherwise, so mechanical, so even automatic.

But Freinet n ‘ had not wanted to ignore the existence of the particularities of the various personalities. And his whole pedagogy is found changed. Certainly it was not the only one to make the conclusion.

But, alone, had cared for take this into account. the novelty, in Freinet is the inclusion of movement, dynamism be ported to the growth and maximum development of its potential. in constant restructuring based on developments in the surrounds ment. That’s why his idea is so present in our society constantly accelerating …

And if the movement of the modern school was able to survive its founder despite all the vicissitudes related impact of same-level, it is precisely because he remained a movement in motion. And modern moreover, that is to say, always aware of new technical possibilities, adapted, tested and actually lived in the real world into the classroom. Always seeking the maximum profit that could remove children.

What seems increasingly clear is the need of our current changing world that schools teach children to develop strategies. It is in the practice of natural learning method applied to mathematics education that best find is able to enter data of the problem of the strategy. Certainly, one can be an interesting situations and propose file, for example: I have twice the age you were when I was the age you have.

When you have the age I am, we set 90 years. What are our ages? This file is the feast of didactics. They have made progress and are interested in the free route of a class in this circumstance. They confront the different strategies.

And that alone is a design reversal. But it is to stay in halfway. The file is a first step it is actually retain power and will not shut up enough confidence to inventiveness, intelligence, the capacity of the group of children.

The natural method based on the expression-creation is something else. It is constantly confronted with new situations. Always mobilize to shut face the unknown and therefore develop search strategies, overtaking, evasive, questioning, resolution … And, specifically, we are in a society where we must continually s’ adapt to new situations. Formerly, it took two generations for things to really change.

And now it’s every 5-10 years: 78 laps, 45 laps, 33 laps, hi-fi system, VCR, CD, CD ROM. etc. This will have a speed! And even faster on the side of the image! Information highways, knowledge trees … The change is accelerating …

Something to be distraught. The difficult, as already said Gilbert Paris, is learning to forget what we know. It is no longer deepen knowledge but to totally change the angle of view.

So programming, it should no longer be the dominant concern. But it will continue to exist even natural method because it is a given of the human being. What is a program otherwise a strategy that has repeatedly succeeded. “A successful experience during the trial and error created as a power demand, and tends to be reproduced mechanically to turn into a rule of life” (Seventh Law: sensitive Psychology p.33). “There will be spontaneous rehearsals for assimilation And also, within the group of modes that allow reversals, returns, revisitations brief repetition. logs, grids, equations, vectors …

Not to worry: there will be assimilated. But then, programming, files, software! A garbage? Oh no! that they are various, small men … their cognitive styles differ greatly. Some, the serialist , settled happily in programming, they would build their knowledge brick by brick: the plug 81 and the plug 82 …

While holistic (overall) as many, first see the whole, they foresee, they anticipen t, they create a pattern, they descend check a detail and then they leave.