But we appeal to educators – and they are legion – who are passionate about their craft. We tell them: Look we work, see the fruit of our efforts. And join us. The most precious part of our common wealth is bought by either a subscription or a fee. It gives that joins us honest worker ready to take in the enthusiastic cooperative project, its share of worries and also share friendship and brotherhood.

Our work speaks today and testify for us. It will grow again and will be established in the coming year. And you will be the best workers. C. FREINET.

IMPORTANT To avoid damaging the teachers who, because of the holiday, were not affected by our No. 21, we defer to October 15 the date beyond which the subscription price of our magazines will be increased. The price printed on the back of the sheets come into force on l October 1948. http://www.icem-freinet.fr/archives/educ/48-49/1/4-5.pdf Author Freinet Print

In: The Educator CEL For teachers review educational principles> experimental trial and error in May 1969 Welcoming the Second Congress of Grenoble – came forty years after the one preceding the war – I can not do better than to get this thinking that Freinet will dominate your work. All speciale¬ment, today I would like to place your assembled under the banner of the Experimental Pedagogy Me¬thode who was one of the major concerns of Freinet and brand our movement.

The Experimental Method is jus¬tement the subject of one of the first articles of Freinet, “the moment of your resurrection of the movement of the postwar period, since the date is November 1, 1945. At that time, the Freinet movement doomed to impotence by the destruction of its stocks, the dispersion of its officials, the lack of paper and fine-matter, however, was the only one to bring the reality of a pedagogy able to dominate chaos.

It was no coincidence that the bodies out of Petain creations – and are still be¬neficiaires of bourgeois education – organized looting of Freinet Techniques Yet having sounded the gathering of his followers at the hands naked and loyal soul, Freinet regained the vast problem of education popu¬laire where it had to take: give it the first scientific basis that would ensure sustainability. What better example of serenity of soul, trust in the future of intellectual integrity could be given to you, if not this modest article in a magazine a few pages, in one of the moments cruel our history?

Reading it you give testimony. Elise FREINET EXPERIMENTAL AND SCIENTIFIC METHOD IN TEACHING Educators who accept aujour¬d’hui to try to renovate their education would do well to reread C. Bernard and meditate on the scientific method that recom¬mande. For in no corporation may, we do is as far as in intelligence.

And in no other, no doubt, is not believed so close! This scientific method, the institu¬teur should practice it constantly same teaching methods and techniques, old or nou¬velles, that he would ever screened experience.

But the loyal ex¬perience to one that does not go through the same path and especially fears if this path turns his back on all tradi¬tionnelles or familiar habits, Alas! we know that the anti-scientific conser¬vatisme is easy through human nature and that those who are always shake the unwelcome, the company defends itself against their action up to and including violence. But teachers who are, by their function, the alarm clocks of the mind, should not fear of these ideas stirrers, these breakers habits, these traditional violenteurs these intruders disturb the carefully installed adults and stubbornly demanding the vital part of a lost childhood.

This scientific method is at the center of all our work; it is the essential element of educational re¬volution we have made; it is our strength and our star in the ongoing struggle that we have to lead. Whether we will it impose? Never accept as defini¬tives the more established beliefs, especially those we are told sometimes sanctioned by a long tradition, and not afraid to return to the screen of the ongoing experience knowledge or methods that s’ offer to our business.

And better yet not to stray into such a transaction, to avoid pushing up the negative and destructive attitude of the skeptic, this is not the only prati¬quer, search and critical control workers who are yoked to the same task. When the control and experience seem to have uttered, not stick the result as a relative, subject to revision, to change, to facilities, according to media and time.

You thought the technical textbooks, homework and lessons was the only in classes where it remained the last word, and safest, pedagogy. We urge you to reconsider this belief honestly, to review the performance of this technique, 5 a balance sheet whose aujour¬d’hui passive visibly crushes a alea¬toire active, studying new techniques they offer you. And you certainly enter into with us to the need for this change that we operate in a fast pace today.

We had you demonstrated it had established, scientifically! … the child is lazy, supporter of least resistance and sensitive to the only attraction of winning or game, and your teaching behavior must be set conse¬quence. And if it were not true? If the opposite was precisely the reality?

If the child in terms of nor¬males liked before all the work with the whole range of beneficial qualities that implies? Without bias, do not we clarify this important point that the new design risk bou¬leverser fortunately all our educational com¬portement? We were taught to base all our educational efforts on faus¬sement intellectual process that went bankrupt. We will have to examine possible ways out of the rut and then build on the real and tangible.

You were told that you had to be the master who imposes his authority and does not admit criticism or discussion that can compromise a hypothetical upward! And life has now irretrievably undermined this attitude. The new master will also draw the elements of discipline and prestige. The solutions, you say! We fail in our scientific method if we pretended you provide definitive.

We offer possible solutions, we have experienced collective¬ment according to the scientific method, eliminating, in the experience and the experience, processes and ma¬teriel that have proven to be insufficient. We opened tracks that are starting to be informed serieuse¬ment and where you can engage now with certi¬tude a heartwarming success rate and efficiency. But never hold these tracks and these lights as final, do not restore taboos, no Stake of the new paths routines.

What is outrageous is not that educators criticize it and cher¬chent improve methods of Montessori, Ferriere, Decroly, Piaget, Washburne to Dottrens or Freinet The educational scan¬dale, is that it is again the “faithful” who claim to stand in the place where these educators is stopped, babysitters chapels jealous ta¬bles new law and masterful rules is that does not understand that the thought of Ferriere, Piaget, Washburne to Dottrens or Freinet is essentially moving, it is not today what it was ten years ago and in ten years, further adjustments will have sprouted. And if Decroly and Montessori re¬venaient {we talk about scientific Montessori years of production and not of the teacher who committed suicide with the Mussolini regime), they jette¬raient down our chapels as they had shaken them time the chapels of their reactions. In the name of this practice scien¬tifique for the application homeworkmarket.me
of a permanent experimental me¬thode we do our Cooperative a gigantic educational work of Guild, with its many committees which scrutinize all aspects problems pedago¬ cal, constantly reconsidering me¬thodes and techniques continue to adjust equipment, consolidate old items that are valuable, create and build par¬tout where necessary.